Originally the bathroom would have gone on the first floor just behind the kitchen. With limited space, especially after adding the rock garden, it barely would have accommodated a small shower without crowding our other plans for this area. With our initial build plans only including one bathroom to accommodate all of our home and office needs, and after long consideration, we elevated the bathroom to keep the first floor space open and to allow for a luxurious tub. 

Given the elongated space, we split the bathroom into three separate rooms, entry through the room with the vanity, with the toilet room to the right and the bathtub room to the left. Besides letting us close off the tub room during client meetings, it would also allow us to take long soaks in the tub without preventing anyone’s access to the toilet. 

Whereas we have left the rock walls completely natural in most of the house, we opted to seal the rock with paint next to the bathtub, preventing sand from scratching the surface. We used a combination of slate tile and charcoal gray ceramic tile for floors, walls, trim and the tub surround. We took our time choosing the fixtures and the only easy choice was the toilet. We selected a vanity from a lovely store called “Hemispheres” which has since closed, at least in Missouri. They may still have a location somewhere in Texas. Home Depot came through for us with the perfect spa tub at less than half of the price of similar models we had seen elsewhere.

Once again, Pat Youngman did a beautiful job with fixture installation, helping us with tile challenges, and especially figuring out the best ways to handle edges and transitions with the tile.