A Social Worker Visits

Ok,  we have a cave. Children are registered at local schools. We have begun to work on our new project. We have a building permit.  So out with the old "orange pipe" plumbing. We had dug our hole. Curt had just spent the night cleaning out some very old, nasty sewerage. He was covered in 40 plus year old stuff when the nice lady pulled in to the drive.

Apparently while Kian was at school she was approached by a teacher and asked, "You tell me the truth young lady, do you live in that cave?" Kian in her youthful trust of course said, "Yes". We were actually living in tents in the yard, plus still living in our house in Sunset Hills. Regardless the school didn't feel it was appropriate to check this out with us first and immediately contacted Family Services.

Well the nice lady didn't believe that Curt had a job, much less another house in St. Louis. She kept suggesting that Curt was just being proud. "Look Mr. Sleeper I can get a warm plate of food for those children tonight!" She informed Curt that we could not live in tents on our property indefinitely. Curt asked how long we could..... no answer. Well we tried very hard to pass the attitude test and treated our new friend with respect.

We showed our current bills from the house in Sunset Hills as well as having two healthy kids join us in the yard. I hope we convinced her. She still offered food coupons.