Tent World

Ok, you get a cave by spending all of your money.  Then you get a permit to build your home and you do not wish to anger or upset the applecart by actually living in your building site.  The city of Festus is the greatest city in America, bar none.  The professional treatment I received throughout this project has been fantastic.  You want to become involved with your city and you take personal pride in it when they are as interactive and available as our crew.  The Festus building department is always available to answer questions regarding code and considerations.  Out of respect to the city and for the safety of our family we choose to live in Tent World. 

We had previously built storage tents in the middle chamber of the cave where our living space could remain separate from the construction site.  After giving up renting our old starter home, we simply added three easy-up 10 by 10 ‘s  and three 20 by 10’s for a total of 900 square feet of living space next to the storage tent and the existing bathroom.  We hung clear Plastic shower curtains and created various tent rooms.  This allowed us to run a De-Humidifier in the tent and keep our air dry and comfortable.   We also had a clear and direct path to safety to one side of the construction site. 

We lived in tent world for four years.  Although slightly larger than our starter home, the absence of solid walls presents organizational challenges.  On the other hand, this area provides some of the most undisturbed sleep that can be found.  In the absence of light and external sounds, nothing ever interrupted our zzz’s.