Doug Helmsing

Doug, Wayne, Perry & Curt were the original team. Doug was the most experienced man on the team.  Doug was our team leader through all of the major structural build.  He worked closely with Curt on all aspects of the first six months of construction.  He would always lead the 12 hour work days when Wayne and Curt would have bailed.  Curt actually did on several days ( he he / it is good to be property owner ).

Driving every day some 30 miles one way Doug showed up on a regular basis.  His handyman skills proved invaluable more than once. Every piece of this project that presented a challenge and Doug  was there with good ideas and input.  When we had to seal the wall along the rock it was Doug's Idea to use corner bead to increase the contact surface between plywood and rock. It gave the great stuff something to adhere too.

My favorite story during the construction with Doug was when he was 35 feet in the air on the scissor lift.  We decided that there was a rock we were sure was going to come down.  It was small football shape and we decided that it should be taken out.  Doug was chiseling away when the giant 2000 pound rock above the little one came loose from the wall.  It made a huge noise and motion as it shattered in to Dust when it hit the scissor lift.  The scissor lift swayed.  When the cloud of rock settled we looked up and found a rock dust covered Doug.

"Doug are you ok?",  Doug said, "Yes, just need to change my pants."