Ed and Brent Peterein

Ed Peterein and his son have dug more holes in Jefferson County than any other excavation company.  Ed is an amazing man to watch.  He will be running a giant back hoe and suddenly this graceful man will jump down from his metal earth eating machine to save a small frog and back  to work.  Ed said that apparently his retirement is the best kept secret in Jefferson County.

Watching Ed on a back hoe and his son Brent driving a high lift.  Brent has worked with him for many years, watching the two is like watching a well choreographed dance recital.  They all but intuitively know what the other needs.  Ed would pull a 6000 pound rock off the ground in his way and before he could swing around the high lift was in position to receive it and stack it elsewhere.

I asked Ed why he didn't train more employees to work with him.  His son an engineer in his own right is very busy. Ed was quick to point out that he would have to take Perry at age 10 to even try.

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