Pat Youngman

Pat Youngman. Wow. I had the great pleasure to meet Pat when I moved to Festus. Pat has had a long career in handyman and construction services. Pat has run many teams of tradesman to complete large scale projects. He has always had a fondness for the peculiar and unique. He has full plumbing, electrical, structural, framing and drywall skills. When he built our kitchen cabinets it was only his hands that we trusted the one shot custom island. he took three cabinets apart and put them back together in a new shape. Amazing!  He came on to our project with amazing speed and skill. The hardest part about working with Pat is keeping him supplied with materials. At the end of every day this gentleman worked for us we were amazed what he would accomplish. When we considered how much he could do in one day versus what he was paid we almost felt like we owed him.