Geodesic DomeGeo-Dome

Long enamored with geodesic domes, we envisioned starting with one multi-purpose dome in front of the cave, and later adding a second to separate our office from our living space.  We looked at the cave as primarily recreational space and office expansion, with a few commercial possibilities retaining potential. 

For above-ground building, at least in materials, a dome is one of the cheapest ways to enclose a square-foot of space.  In addition, domes fare well in harsh weather and boast high-efficiency for heating and cooling.  With the ability to hang floors from above, these structures offer great flexibility of usage.  Aesthetically we found them very pleasing.

Amongst the drawbacks of domes, they require a lot of custom trimmings.  Without a square exterior wall, the trim, windows, doorways, and cabinetry must all be custom-made.  

Financial considerations sealed the fate of our dome idea.  After tying up all of our available funds for the down payment on the property, even a relatively small dome was out of reach.

We did, however, later build a tiny dome as a guinea roost, another story you’ll find in the section on “Living.”