Pink Flamingos & Astroturf

After a personally challenging effort to finance the cave property we had few available resources left. Digital Solutions had permission from the local building inspector to run the business from the cave. We thought that if we could find an affordable mobile unit, we could put it in the cave behind the wall. Hook up the electric and possibly add some Astroturf. Not sure how long a trailer would last in perfect weather. 

While this wouldn’t be the long-term home of our dreams, it would meet our short-term needs quickly and affordably. We would then be able to take our time building what we wanted.

We originally found verbal approval from the City. With such we put a contingent offer on an 18 x 60 unit we had found the previous week. Happy Welch, then building inspector for the City of Festus, called with bad news for us. Although we could most likely get a variance to put a mobile home in the city limits we could not get the change in zoning to allow a trailer park in Festus. IE: one was possible, but in order to do that we would have to apply to the law saying that homes without pier foundations in the city limits had to be put in trailer parks. In an effort to protect property values and avoid adding new homes so vulnerable to inclement weather, the city wouldn’t be approving any new trailer parks, even if the mobile homes were to be completely out-of-sight.

We were sitting again. With a personal budget fit for a trailer, we grew impatient to meet our needs for an office and a home.